Police dismantle ISIS cell in Oran
Police dismantle ISIS cell in Oran

ORAN-Police forces of the province of Oran managed to dismantle a recruitment cell belonging to the Self-Proclaimed Group ISIS/ “Daech” made up of four persons, announced the Communication and public relations cell of Oran’s Police department.  

In coordination with the security services in the 2nd Military Region, the mobile brigade of the judicial police (BMPJ) of Dar-El-Beida (Oran) arrested 4 persons aged between 19 and 56 years old including a recruiter on social networks aged 56 years and three others who were preparing to travel to Syria.

Following searches at the homes of the defendants located in Oran, the Police discovered computing devices, CDs promoting the acts of terrorism and passports.

The arrested persons were brought to the prosecutor who placed under detention warrant, according to the same source, which recalled that the BMPJ of Dar-El-Beida (Oran) managed in coordination with security services of the 2nd Military Region to dismantle a similar recruitment network and arrest 9 persons aged between 18 and 35 years originating from Oran and other provinces, who were brought to justice.


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