ALGIERS-The Mnistry of Health, the Population and Health Reform on Monday reassured the parents of pupils that vaccines administered part of the national vaccination schedule were innocuous, and called on parents to pursue the vaccination of their children.

The vaccines administered part of the national vaccination schedule “are safe and comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO),” affirmed Director of Prevention and Promotion at the Ministry of Health Pr. Smail Mesbah during a press conference with the WHO Representative to Algeria Bah Keita and Director General of Pasteur Institute of Algeria Zoubir Harrat.

The same official stressed the importance of administering vaccination against measles and rubella to children aged between 6 and 14, saying this vaccination is “compulsory.”

As regards the forms distributed at some schools, leaving the choice to parents to vaccinate their children or not, Pr. Mesbah stressed the Ministry had not distributed these forms.

“The child’s health record is the only required document,” he affirmed.

Representative of WHO said Algeria imported its vaccines from laboratories recommended by the WHO on the basis of their “safety.”

However, “it is advisable not to vaccinate children suffering from homeopathy or kidney failure, dialysis patients or those about to undergo surgery.”

For his part, Director General of the Pasteur Institute recalled that 7 million vaccines had been subjected to safety and quality control tests by the National Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Products Control before they were distributed to school health units.


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