Sonji Roi Clay Glover death at 59

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Sonji Roi Clay Glover death at 59, You may be wondering who on earth Sonji Roi Clay Glover is? Well she was a woman with a budding singing career who had an untimely death. She also happened to once be married to a very famous man.

Sonji Roi Clay Glover

Sonji Roi Clay Glover was the first wife of one of the greatest sportsmen of all time but maybe not one of the greatest husbands! That man was Mohammed Ali.

They married on August 14, 1964 reportedly only about a month after meeting. Sonji was a cocktail waitress with dreams of becoming a singer. On January 10, 1966 they divorced with speculation that it was in part Sonji’s refusal to dress in the ways Mohammed believed she should in accordance with his interpretation of his Mulsim faith.

Sonji went onto to keep pushing at her music career with small success.

In 2005, she passed away just aged 59. She was found dead in her Chicago home and it was reported that the death was of natural causes. Some reports also specified a heart attack.

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